Nairobi Ideas Podcast

nairobi ideas podcast: giving a public platform to the Kenyans changing the world with their big ideas

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Nairobi Ideas Podcast is part of the Mawazo Institute’s public engagement program. As part of the 2018 Africa Science Week - Kenya (ASW-Kenya), Nairobi Ideas Podcast, will be sharing a new episode each day featuring interviews with some of the exceptional scientists from our Faces of Kenyan Science campaign. Take a listen as our host, Dr. Rose M. Mutiso, CEO of the Mawazo Institute sits down with:

  • Kago Kagichiri: Founder of one of Africa’s leading mobile learning platforms and a tech-enthusiast on a journey to tackle the shortcomings of the continent’s education systems using technology.

  • Dr. Hamisi Babusa: An accomplished novelist, lecturer and and senior administrator at Kenyatta University who is pioneering the use of Kiswahili science fiction novellas to educate children on science.

  • Dr. Stella Bosire: Founder and Executive Director of the Stellah Bosire Fund and a medical physician looking beyond the stethoscope to use science for good and who advocates for health as a human right.

  • Susan Murabana: An astronomer bringing the stars closer to children, by taking a portable telescope and mobile planetarium to schools and sites around the country, and who dreams of creating the region’s first public Observatory and Planetarium.

  • Anthony Muthungu: A serial entrepreneur, inventor and educator who is always looking for “the loopholes in life” and finding ways to bridge them. Founder of TotoSci Academy, AlexKyan, and Jenga Citi.